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News Feb. 2021, Graduate student Chin-Hsian Chu presented in the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting (BPS2021).
Feb. 2021, Graduate student Yu-De Lin presented in APBC2021.
Jul. 2021, Database "MitoTox" is now online at mitotox.org (BMC Bioinformatics 22, 369 (2021))
Sep. 2020, Graduate student Yu-De Lin receives MOST PhD Student Scholarship!
Jun. 2020, Graduate student Shao-Ting Chiu won 2020 Pan Wen Yuan Foundation Scholarship!
Nov. 2019, Graduate students Shao-Ting and Chan-Min presented in The 20th International Conference on Systems Biology in Okinawa.
Nov. 2019, Congratulations on Wen-Wei receiving MOST PhD student scholarship!
Sep. 2019, Welcome Chin-Hsian and Chi-Jong join the lab.
Aug. 2019, Chen Chang and Ko-Hong Lin presented in The 9th WACBE World Congress in Bioengineering in Taipei.
Jul. 2019, JC and Yu-Zhi visited MIB lab in CUHK in summer 2019.
Jun. 2019, Graduate student Chen Chang successfully defends his master's thesis!

Research Our lab focuses on studying the roles of mitochondria in cellular bioenergetics and metabolism using systemic and quantitative methods. We are developing computational models and tools based on quantitative data as the projects listed below

  • Building differential equation-based mitochondria model in cardiac myocytes to study the energy supply and demand in the heart

  • We are developing a multi-compartment computational model to describe mitochondrial bioenergetics and metabolic signaling the cardiac myocytes.

  • Studying mitochondrial dynamics in aging

  • Mitochondria undergo morphological changes in response to cellular signals and environmental stimuli through the processes of fusion and fission together with biogenesis and mitophagy. We are interested in building mitochondrial dynamics computational models to understand the energetics changes in aging and disease states.

  • Developing Metabolic Network Model to study metabolic shift in diseases
  • We are developing a genome-scale metabolic network model based on multi-omics data to study the impacts on mitochondrial dysfunction in the metabolic pathways and network.

  • Image analysis of mitochondria morphology and dynamics
  • We use high-resolution imaging and sophisticated image analysis algorithms to examine mitochondrial morphology and function in the cells. We use a combination of structural and functional markers to delineate the mitochondrial structure and quantify network formation.